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STL - Floral Cute Pumpkin

STL - Floral Cute Pumpkin

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These files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY! They are not for resale, for giveaways, for students in classes, or anything else aside from making your own cookies. 

These downloads are for cookiers at home who would like to have the cookie cutter without having to purchase the cutter itself or shipping fees and have the ability to print at home.

Due to the variance in 3d printers and filament choices we will not be providing technical support or slicer software settings for printing the STL files. We have been able to print these STL files on multiple 3d printers from Creality, Prusa and Wanhao using Cura, PrusaSlicer and Simplify3d slicing software using PLA filament. 

By purchasing this file, you agree not to share, upload, or distribute these files in any way. These are for personal use ONLY! Failure to follow these rules will result in legal action

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